Way of the Cross: Station 6

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

This station calls us to see that compassion goes hand in hand with justice.

It is not enough to harbor a sense of righteous anger when others are despised or rejected. It is necessary to reach out and touch them in the moment of their despair. Veronica walked out of the crowd of curious spectators and bloodthirsty zealots and performed an act of mercy, no questions asked, no judgments made.

For Reflection: Who is there – whose life or cause is despised or rejected – that you have reached out to help?

Mercy reminds us that only God is God. Our place is to sustain all persons, even those we prefer to keep at a distance in the long journey toward wholeness.

Prayer: Jesus, give me the courage it takes to step out of the crowd to befriend those who are rejected or pushed aside as undesirable or disposable.