Way of the Cross: Station 11

Jesus is nailed to the Cross

This station brings us all to face the moments when we know we must do what we do not want to do, when everything in us cries out, “Take this cup from me,” and then “Not my will but thine.”

When what we know to be right requires more from us than we think we can give, then Jesus nailed to a cross is our hope that one day the cross we seek to avoid will have been worth the climbing.

When the project flounders, the job ends, the love disintegrates, the position is over; when all the supporters go away, then we begin to realize that life’s problem is not being nailed to a cross. It is in choosing a cross that is too small to justify being nailed to in the first place.

For Reflection: Am I spending my life, my hopes, my emotions on something great enough to make the pain of losing them worthwhile?

Prayer: Jesus, give me the wisdom to choose the things to which I give my heart and on which I spend my life so that suffering for them has meaning and purpose.