Way of the Cross: Station 10

Jesus is stripped of his Garments

This station confronts us with the inevitable: Somewhere along the way, we get stripped of what we have spent our lives acquiring, of things closest to our hearts, of possessions or positions that made us who we thought we were. Then we discover who we really are.

It is a frightening moment, often embarrassing, and always a difficult one when, stripped of the externals of our personal identities we discover what is missing inside of us. We don’t miss it until we need it most.

For Reflection: What is underneath my garments – the identities I have carefully worn and cultivated?

Jesus stands before us, naked and unashamed, calling us to pay more attention to who we are than what we have pretended to be.

Prayer: Jesus, when I lose everything in life that I depend on for status and security, help me to find myself full to the brim with a fullness that comes from you.

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