Way of the Cross: Station 1

Script based on Joan Chittister’s Way of the Cross: Gateway to Resurrection (Benetvision 1999).
Drawings by Anne Satory
Music: CJ Janzen, Marg Martin


The Way of the Cross is a walk alongside Jesus on his journey through the hardest moments of his life. There are 14 stations, some based on scripture and several added through the centuries by faithful pilgrims who have received strength and encouragement from this practice.

All of us have times in our lives when suffering is unavoidable, whether because of choices we have made or circumstances that life has brought into our path.

As we pray the Way of the Cross, we learn from Jesus that when the dark days come, we are not alone, just as he was not alone.

Jesus is Condemned to Die

This station requires us to examine our purpose for life. Jesus was condemned for defying the standards of both the state and the religious systems of his day. He lived and taught a truth they did not want to hear.

For Reflection: What is it in life for which you are willing to take a stand and possibly be condemned?

This station reminds us that, when we are condemned for doing what is right, we will not be alone. Jesus will be standing beside us, hands tied, head up and unyielding.

Prayer: Jesus, when I am condemned for doing good in the face of wrong, strengthen me.

Song: Jesus Walked this Lonesome Valley (sung by Marg Martin)