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    As I look forward to the celebration of Christmas I remind myself to reflect on what Christmas means to me. I was disappointed by the actions of the staff in the city of Kitchener when they deliberately cut the cord to the mike of a pastor that was reading the Christmas story from the bible during the Kris Kringle celebration in Kitchener this past week. Is this what we have allowed society to dictate to us?
    A friend asked me the other day “what difference would it make in my life if Jesus would not have been born?”. Since I believe in the Christmas story what meaning does it have for me?
    I believe that Jesus is the son of God. I believe that Jesus came to earth for several reasons – firstly to introduce me to His Father, and invite me into into a personal relationship with my creator through the intersession that Jesus makes on my behalf – secondly because of God’s unimaginable love for me and for the unquestionable love Jesus had for his Father, Jesus took the weight of my sins upon his shoulders and paid, through the sacrifice of His life, the penalty for my sinful nature – thirdly because of God’s ultimate authority over life and death my sin could not hold Jesus in death, but rather Jesus rose from the dead and because of that has brought authority to His words that He is preparing a place for me to spend eternity worshiping God with the angles! Jesus is ALIVE!
    So at Christmas my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness to my Creator who does not give up on me and for baby Jesus who through being one with God has and is teaching me how to, in return, be a GIFT to Him!

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