Open Minds, Open Hearts Feb 18 – Apr 1

How do you encounter God? In this season leading up to Easter we will have opportunities to consider ways that have been helpful as we work at nurturing our connection with God. Ways to listen. Ways to respond.col logo 2

We invite you to consider doing something different over the next 2 months as we explore this connection with God. It may be something you have wanted to do for some time, it may be something completely new. But try something. An experiment or an adventure.

You can consider one of these ideas, or something else, as you experiment and practice hearing and responding to God.

• Drumming: Practising surrendering the mind and attuning the body through rhythm

• Walking Meditation: Taking slow, mindful steps

• Ecstatic Dance: Moving freely to music

• Chanting: Singing with intention

• Centring Prayer: Observing and letting go of all thoughts without judgment during a period of silence

• Lectio Divina: Reading short passages of text in a contemplative way

• Christian Meditation: Repeating scripture or a sacred word as a mantra

• Welcoming Prayer: Welcoming any feeling, sensation, or emotion that arises in the midst of your day

• YHWH Prayer: Consciously saying God’s name through each breath

• Pranayama: Breathing mindfully

• Loving Kindness Meditation: Recognizing your inner source of loving kindness and sending love to others

• Reflective walk: reflecting on the creation around

• Journaling: thoughtfully reflecting on how you experience God

• Praying regularly: setting a regular rhythm of prayer

• Tithing: giving in a new and reflective way

• Reading: using some sort of material – devotional or Bible to focus thoughts on God

• Painting: taking the ideas inside and expressing them as we reflect on God’s presence

• music: listening or playing uplifting music

• visiting others and reflecting in that context on God’s work

• volunteering – perhaps at a food kitchen

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