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Oct 18 – Nov 22 Believe It (or Not)

A time to explore what we believe – well some of it.  Maybe it is not straight forward.Believe_itMaybe you were taught one thing once, but now it is hard to hold onto that. Maybe it is simply hard to hold onto anything much in this rapidly changing world. We know that the world is changing quickly and what we hold onto tightly has to be able to work in that complexity. We also know that just being told to believe something is not likely to be very satisfying. So how do we wrestle with the things that provide direction to our lives? Some of the topics we will explore include: creation and our place in it, disobedience, reconciliation, discipleship – listening to God and acting on it, and peace.







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  1. Glyn Jones Avatar
    Glyn Jones

    The meeting house is in the midst of a series on evil – “Deliver Us From Evil — How Satan Attacks, God Protects, and Our Choices Matter.” You might find it interesting to listen to this series – http://www.themeetinghouse.com/teaching/archives/2015/deliver-us-from-evil/ starting with “the fog of war”

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