Nov 23-24 Weekend with Bryan Moyer Suderman

Bryan will lead us in exploring the Bible as Jesus would. BryanCOME READ THE BIBLE WITH JESUS!
Wouldn’t it be amazing to journey into Scripture with Jesus? What might Jesus say to us about our lives, our world and the hard issues facing the church today?
During this seminar you will:
Dig deep into one of the Gospels to see how Jesus is portrayed as an interpreter of Scripture as he preaches, teaches and heals the people of his day.
2. Gain tools for reading and interpreting Scripture like Jesus in light of the world we live in today.
3. Meet sisters and brothers who are committed to serious Scripture study and to discerning the mind of Christ through prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Saturday Nov 23 @ Fairview Mennonite Home 9:30-12:30 Session 1

Sunday, Nov 24 @ Wanner Mennonite Church 9:30 – 11 Worship with Brian, lunch then at 12:30-2  Session 2

Sunday, Nov 24 @ Fairview Mennonite Home 7 – 8 Worship with Brian.


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