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May 1-29: Listen Well

Listening. Sometimes we listen. Sometimes not. 67a94b24bfb342b0a465898c25883d06Sometimes we are physically in the same room as someone talking, but we are mentally somewhere else. Sometimes we go to God with a question, but once asked, we do not give God the chance to speak. Listening, whether to one another or even to God, is something we often struggle with.  How can we listen? Really listen?






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  1. Mark Gerber Avatar

    Listening well. In the news this past week there was an article regarding what people deemed as an intrusion of privacy. Apparently our vehicles are equipped with a devise that records the vehicles actions at a time of severe activity, like an action that would cause the air bags to deploy or extreme braking. This devise records the vehicles activity like braking, speed, and so on. Authorities want access to this information to help in their investigation of accident incidents. There is public outcry that this would be an invasion of privacy.
    What we don’t HEAR is why the authorities require this information. It seems our courts are overwhelmed by suits that could be settled outside of the court system if only we were a honest people. If you are in the wrong admit it and move on. Why do we drag these cases out hoping that through lack of evidence we might be able to get away with one?
    Sometimes listening requires us to understand where the other person is coming from – the situation from their point of view.

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