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Living a Life of Thanksgiving

thanks (2)Oct 8 –  Oct 22

What does it mean to live thankfully? What do we have to be thankful about and how does that work its way out in our lives?

Plasticity Labs (www.plasticitylabs.com ) has done research that shows thankful people are healthier, more able to see the big picture, more open to new ideas. This is research done in the workplace.

What about the rest of life? What difference would it make if our whole lives were lived from the basis of being thankful? And what do we have to be thankful about? What is it about our lives with God that makes a difference? That we want to be thankful about?

During this series, on these three Sundays, we are collecting breakfast food donations during offering to deliver to the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. Spices such as salt, pepper and other seasonings as well as financial donations for the food bank are also most welcome.
Sun Oct 22 includes communion in the morning worship. All are welcome to join us.







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