Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about the Worship Service?

Our services start at 11:00am. Due to COVID-19, we are currently only meeting online on Zoom. If you are interested in joining our Zoom call, please use a contact form to contact our Administrative Assistant, who can send you the link.

Wanner uses an informal worship style. A typical service includes a sermon, lots of singing sprinkled throughout the service, and a sharing time when attendees are welcome to share joys and concerns in their daily lives. We celebrate communion approximately 4 times a year. All are welcome to participate.

People dress for the service in varied ways – some more relaxed, some more formal. You’ll see a range spanning suits and dresses to jeans and shorts.

I thought Mennonites ride horse and buggies?

Yes, there are Mennonites who avoid modern conveniences including cars, electricity, and the latest fashions. However, this is just one expression of being Mennonite. In the Mennonite community there is a wide spectrum of practice – from those who get around exclusively with horse and buggy to those that can’t wait for the next smartphone gadget.  Wanner is on the edge of the Mennonite spectrum that has embraced modern society. We’re proud of our heritage – things like making baptism an informed choice and focusing on social justice.

How do I get to Wanner?

We are located at the corner of Maple Grove and Beaverdale. The 203 bus stop is 200 metres from our front door.

If you are driving we are just a kilometre north of Highway #401, and just west of Highway #24. Take the Highway #24 exit north off Highway #401. Turn left on Maple Grove Rd. and then left again on Beaverdale Rd. The church is on the right, only 200 metres up the road. Refer to the map on the Contact Info page.

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