Forgiveness Oct 29 – Nov 12 @ 9:45

Coventry Cathedral was built in the middle ages.forgive In November 1940, during WWII the cathedral was destroyed. The Church members vowed to rebuild, and asked What kind of Church will we be? One man noticed two old charred timbers had fallen in the form of a cross. This cross became the high altar erected amid the ruins, and behind the cross they wrote the words “Father forgive.” With the war still raging, they said, “We are going to be the followers of Christ who forgive; when we rebuild this church, it’s going to be dedicated to forgiveness, to reconciliation.” For years they have helped people who do not like one another to talk. In November of 1940 they were not ready to surrender and lose the war, but these Christians, said “We will forgive. We will love. We will work for peace.”



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