1. Mission Statement

Wanner Mennonite Church is a Christ-centered community sharing God’s love with each other and the world through fellowship, worship, Bible study, prayer and serving others.

2. Objects

The objects of Wanner Mennonite Church are to advance and teach the religious tenets, doctrines and observances associated with the Christian faith as expressed in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition.

3. Not for Profit

Wanner Mennonite Church (hereinafter called “WMC”) shall be operated without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or other assets of the organization shall be used solely to promote its objects.

4. Board

The affairs of WMC shall be managed by a Board of three (3) trustees, each of whom at the time of his or her election and throughout his or her term of office shall be:

  1. a Member of WMC

  2. at arms length to every other trustee.

Each gender shall be represented on the Board.

The Members of WMC shall elect trustees at a general meeting.

Trustees shall serve for a term of three years unless a variance of term is required to maintain a rotation of terms in which one trustee is elected at each annual general meeting.

One trustee shall be elected to the position of Chair.

No trustee may serve more than three consecutive terms.

The trustees shall receive no remuneration for acting as such.

The Board may, from time to time, appoint ex-officio members of the Board without voting rights.

The Board shall appoint a nominating committee to identify candidates for election to the Board.

5. Meetings, Board

At least four meetings of the Board shall be held in each fiscal year. Meetings shall be called by the Chair at times and places agreeable to all members of the Board.

6. Voting, Board

Questions arising at any meeting of the Board may be decided by unanimous agreement of the trustees. In the case that unanimous agreement cannot be reached the question shall be referred to a general meeting of WMC.

7. Powers, Board

The trustees of WMC may administer the affairs of WMC in all things and make or cause to be made for WMC, in its name, any kind of contract which WMC may lawfully enter into and, save as hereinafter provided, generally, may exercise all such other powers and do all such other acts and things WMC is by its constitution or otherwise authorized to exercise and do.

8. Officers of WMC

The Chair of the Board shall be an officer. The Board shall appoint a Secretary and a Treasurer.

9. Duties Of Chair

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Board and at all general meetings of WMC. The Chair shall also be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of WMC.

10. Duties Of Secretary

The Secretary shall record all facts and minutes of general meetings and maintain membership records in the books kept for those purposes. He or she shall give all notices required to be given to members and to trustees. He or she shall be the custodian of all books, papers, records, correspondence, contracts and other documents belonging to WMC.

11. Duties Of Treasurer

The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of WMC in proper books of account and shall deposit all moneys and other valuable effects, in the name and to the credit of WMC, in such financial institutions as may from time to time be designated by the Board. He or she shall disburse the funds of WMC under the direction of the Board, taking proper vouchers therefore and shall render to the Board whenever required of him, an account of all his or her transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial position of WMC.

12. Management Structure

The Board shall establish and maintain a management structure to pursue the Objects of WMC. The responsibilities of management committees shall include but are not limited to worship, education, fellowship, missions, service, pastoral care, and the management of human, financial and physical resources. The Board may appoint a trustee to serve as an ex-officio representative without voting rights on any management committee.

 13. Membership

Membership in WMC shall consist of persons meeting criteria laid out in the Membership Policy determined from time to time by resolution approved at an annual general meeting.

The membership shall consist of the classes of members set forth below:

  1. Active members of WMC in any fiscal year are members:

(i) whose name appears on a donation receipt issued for the immediately preceding fiscal year,

(ii) or, who notify the Secretary in writing of their desire to be considered an active member. Such notice shall be delivered before the beginning of a fiscal year and the member shall be considered an active member during the fiscal year for which notice was given.

  1. Inactive members of WMC are members who are not active members.


14. Annual And Special General Meetings Of Members

The annual or any special general meeting of the members shall be held at WMC on such day and at such time as the Board shall appoint. All business transacted at a general meeting of members constitutes special business, except for consideration of the minutes of an earlier meeting, the approval of financial statements, the reports of trustees and officers, and the election of trustees. The Board shall have power to call at any time a general meeting of members of WMC. Notice of the time and place of a general meeting shall be delivered not less than seven (7) days before the date of the meeting to active members of WMC. If special business is to be considered at a meeting, the notice must provide sufficient information for an active member to form a reasoned opinion about the special business.

15. Proxies

Members may vote by proxy at general meetings. A member present in person at a general meeting may execute no more than one proxy and shall be authorized in writing to execute that proxy. The Board may make rules, from time to time, regarding the lodging, delivery, and form of proxies.

16. Quorum Of Members

A quorum for the transaction of business at any general meeting of members shall consist of not less than fifty percent (50%) of active members present in person or by proxy.

17. Voting Of Members

Each member of WMC shall at all general meetings of members be entitled to one vote. Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of the votes of the members present in person or by proxy except as otherwise required by the constitution of WMC, or by law. Every question shall be decided in the first instance by a show of hands unless any member demands a poll. If a poll is demanded, the question shall be decided by a majority of votes given by the members present in person or by proxy, such poll shall be taken in such manner as the Chair shall direct, and the result of such poll shall be deemed the decision of WMC in general meeting upon the matter in question.

18. Fundamental Changes

Any resolution arising at a general meeting concerning:

 (a) an application to amend the Constitution of WMC,

 (b) the winding-up or dissolution of WMC, or

 (c) the purchase or sale of real property

requires the approval of at least two thirds of active members.

Execution of any document pertaining to fundamental changes requires the signature of all three trustees.

19. Fiscal Year

Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, the fiscal year of WMC shall

terminate on the 31st day of December in each year.

20. Wind-up or Dissolution

In the event that WMC is dissolved, and after the payment of all debts and liabilities, its remaining property shall, subject to any limitations imposed by law or the Constitution of WMC, be distributed by the Board to one or more charities registered in Canada as directed in the wind-up resolution.

21. Repeal of Prior Constitution

Any constitution previously adopted by the members of WMC is repealed as of the coming into force of this constitution, provided that such repeal does not affect the previous operation of said constitution so repealed or affect the validity of any act done or right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired or incurred, or the validity of any contract or agreement made pursuant to such constitution prior to its repeal.

22. Effective Date of Constitution

This constitution comes into force at 12:01 AM EST on Friday March 1, 2013.