April 7, 9:45 At Preston!!

Sheep & Goats and being disciplesPreston (791 Concession Rd., Cambridge) and Wanner congregations will meet at Preston at 9:45 to ponder being a disciple, and what sheep and goats have to do with that. Following worship, we will together have a discussion reflecting on a potential joint pastoral team between the congregations.Lent


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    This parable about the sheep and goats leaves one to ponder the real meaning that Jesus was illustrating to his audience. I agree with you Glyn that this parable is more about how we respond to each other than what attention we give the poor, sick, hungry, homeless, or in prison. On another occasion Jesus tells the crowd we will always have disadvantaged among us, and that our focus needs to be on the message Jesus has left us. If we are true to the calling of being the persons Jesus has called us to be we will not only minister to the disadvantaged, but also to the people we interact with every day, the people we work with, play with, live with. Just as in the parable being invited to the wedding feast, how we respond to Jesus’ message will colour our life with proper wedding garments or portray our life as sheep rather than goats.
    May I be true to the message of Jesus as I live my life!

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