Is Wanner For You?

You may be wondering whether Wanner is a church for you. How do Wanner’s values line up with yours? Would you feel comfortable sitting through a church service? Would you like the people? Are they friendly? Could you see yourself attending regularly?

There are different ways to answer these questions.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Wanner Mennonite Church is to be a local expression of Christ’s Church, as understood within the Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition of faith. We seek to know and do the will of the triune God.

Confession of Faith

The Best Way

The best way to understand Wanner is to come and experience it yourself. You’ll see a welcoming group of people who care deeply for one another.  We strive to be Mennonite by belief and practice, not by culture – many of our attendees don’t come from a Mennonite background.

What is Wanner?

It’s what you make of it.


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